My Style

To capture images that ‘feel’ like you. Where the memories, the laughter, the joy spring off the page and hit you right in the face. To capture you, not models on a magazine cover, but real people exactly as you were on the happiest day of your lives.

How I do what I do…

For me, capturing great wedding photos means everyone feeling comfortable with me, so in between snapping away, you’ll find me chatting with your mum, your bridesmaids, your uncle Colin. I like to feel enough like part of the day that everyone is comfortable, but not so much part of the day that people remember me for being too in your face! I’ve spent years perfecting the art of knowing when to step in, but mostly I just leave you to it.

The most amazing photos come from those authentic moments, or the downright crazy ones on the dance floor! I tend to shy away from excessive posing, instead taking the ‘little and often’ approach.

We’ll do five or ten minutes with just you at various points in the day. Doing this means you get these little snatches of time together away from the busy day so you can soak it all in, but also that you don’t ever feel like you are in a photoshoot.

It also means we get lots of different backdrops, from that beautiful midday sun to the gorgeous golden evening light and then, if we are lucky, an amazing sunset.

We spent a happy hour last night reliving the whole wonderful day through your beautiful pictures. We LOVE them, so thank you

Natalie & John

Engagement Shoots

Instead of meeting for the first time with me wielding my camera, desperate to capture you on your big day, I really like being able to photograph you both two or three months before the wedding. This way we get to meet each other in person and find out a little about each other and more importantly, you have a chance to get used to having the camera in front of you so that by the time your big day arrives you see getting your photo taken as second nature! An engagement shoot also gives me the ability to see how you both react to the camera: How natural you are around it and how easily you take to completely ignoring me and being natural in front of it.