About Me

As the name of the website says, I’m Nick. I live in a beautiful medieval city on the edge of the countryside, with easy access to the night life of a big city or the wilderness of the rolling English hills. Kinda perfect eh?!

Adventuring, sports, music, films, history, books and my mates are my thing. Throw into that a good rum or a smokey whisky and I’m a happy bunny. I got married to Amy in January 2022 and we got our furry friend, Mabel (see cuuute pics) not long after.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a fair bit in my lifetime, 33 countries and counting I think it is so far. So, yeah, destination weddings definitely welcome!

To enable me to justify my obsession with Haribo, over the years I’ve done a fair few sports. In my 20’s I used to race bikes – sadly not the cool motorised ones, think more of lycra clad guys on road bikes… I ended up stopping due to one too many broken bones. I moved on from that to running and managed to complete an ambition of doing a marathon, then moved onto duathlons (running and riding events) before finally hitting the triathlon scene. Anything outdoorsy is my thing!

Once back home, showered and warmed up from all of the above, give me a book, a whisky and turn the music up to 11 and I’m a happy chap. Any genre of music will do, so long as it has a good hook, drum beat and is in tune, I’ll give it a go, though Indie and Rock and Roll is probably number one for me. I still prefer to own a CD rather than download music though, nobody’s going to convince me that I’m wrong there!

Got into photographing weddings quite a few years ago and absolutely love it! To have a job which involves spending your day with people having their BEST day is, well, quite cool and really good fun!! That’s the exact emotion I aim to get in my photography – no stuffy poses, no taking you away from your big day for an hour at a time, just simple techniques to make sure we bring out the fun and the laughter, or happy tears, in absolutely every moment of your day.

I’ve been working mostly across Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes, but I do work across the whole of the UK. Now I live in Lichfield, Staffordshire, just a short journey from the Peak District I’m excited to be working more across the Midlands and north of England too!

Nick Labrum, what a guy, what a photographer!

Emma & Jamie

I love weddings!

I never thought I’d end up being a wedding photographer but after spending my twenties in a mundane office job, dreaming of greater things, I finally found my path. Photography gives me the opportunity to do something I love doing as my career. Getting paid to do something you actually enjoy, how great is that! I love spending time with and being around people who are happy, enjoying themselves and are having a really great time. The opportunity to capture unique moments of that time period really is something special. I love photography, I love happy occasions, I love sharing celebrations. I love weddings!!