Before I learn all about you, I'm sure you will want to know a bit about me! I am 29 (and the rest) years old and I live in Buckinghamshire with my girlfriend. I love a wedding, obviously, but here's some other fun stuff about me:


  • I love cycling and road racing. I spend 11 months of the year in training for various races and competitions. The other month I spend eating as much cake as possible.

  • The Muppets. Can't beat 'em. Especially the Swedish Chef.

  • In my younger days I was a bit of a traveller, 'collecting' over 30 countries. Destination weddings welcome!

  • Triathalons? Tick. (though I nearly drown in the swims)

  • Every year on my birthday I am presented with a 'Colin the Caterpillar' cake, it is one of the highlights of my year.

  • Crazy Golf is awesome.

  • Going to the cinema is one of my favourite pastimes - action, thriller, comedy, horror. Anything really!

  • Very easily bribed with Haribo.

  • I discovered Awolnation, James Blunt, Kygo and Mumford and Sons. Kind of.


I never thought I'd end up being a wedding photographer but after spending my twenties in a mundane office job, dreaming of greater things, I finally found my path. Photography gives me the opportunity to do something I love doing as my career. Getting paid to do something you actually enjoy, how great is that! I love spending time with and being around people who are happy, enjoying themselves and are having a really great time. The opportunity to capture unique moments of that time period really is something special. I love photography, I love happy occasions, I love sharing celebrations. I love weddings!!